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Fully Automatic Machine Strap
(SP-Plus X)

Machine grade strapping is manufactured under minimal tolerances and camber. Automatic machines can range from operator assisted full-arch machines to fully automatic in-line systems and are used in high production units and high quality of strap allows the consumer to gain benefits from high efficiency packing machines.

Bailing Grade

Bailing grade PET straps are used usually for heavy packing of bales of cotton, polyester fibre, used clothes, and jute; mostly in exports inside containers. These pieces are of great demand by our clients who use bailers to pack their product, weighing between 100 kgs and 500kgs, we offer tailor made sizes just to provide the client with highest efficiency, cost reduction and setting the final sizes of the bail just as they want!

Manual/Pneumatic Grade Strap

Manual Ideal for low and moderate volume users since it requires little or no investment in tooling. It is frequently specified in light duty, high volume applications where the cost of an automated system cannot be justified.

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