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Largest PET Strap Manufacturers of Pakistan

With our production capacity of more than 280 tons per month / 14 Million Meters, we promise to deliver both quality and variety of different sizes including custom made PET straps specially designed to meet the need of our customers.

We also specialize in PET bale ties for packing of your polyester fiber bales. We have successfully been supplying our product to the leading polyester staple fibre companies in Pakistan.

Our Achievements

And Success!

By the start of 2020 Strong Packages will have the capacity of manufacturing 240-280 tonnes per month.

We are the only manufacturer in Pakistan to produce fully auto grade PET strap for signode bailers.

We have developed a unique product that targets packing of smaller packages and cartons. This packing field which was out of access for pet strap and was served by another type of plastic called PP (Polypropylene). This plastic is soft and light weight compared to PET and hence used for carton packing and light weight packing. We have sorted out this problem and prepared PET strap accordingly. As shown in picture. This transparent strap is soft and has equivalent length to PP strap.

Sherakot, Bund Road, Lahore, Pakistan 54000

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